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You Know Who You Are...

Are you an extreme outdoor holiday lighting addict around Christmas time?

It all starts with a few strings of unassuming icicle lights around the roof of your home. But that's not enough. You look down the street at the neighbor's homes glistening with 100 more lights than your happy home. Your son or daughter slowly looks up at you and without any words being said, that look you get tells you that your holiday lighting project is not complete.

You add more, they add more, and then you find yourself spending hundreds of dollars trying to keep up. Every weekend is spent driving around town to the local retailers in search of more strings of lights, more moving farm animals, projector lights, flood lights, snowflakes and snowmen, and anything that resembles the holiday season. As the big day grows closer, the stores run out of outdoor toys and you take to plywood and your gluegun to finish it off.

Your friends think you are crazy. Your neighbors think you're crazy. And, in reality... you are! But who cares what they think! You are doing it for the spirit of Christmas... for the kids! And after all, you are the biggest kid on the block.

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If the above describes how you feel every holiday season, then this site is for you. I created this site because I couldn't find one out there like it. If you would like to learn more, check out the About Us page. Or, just click around.

Happy Holidays!

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